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Cleansorb Newpark

Newpark is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Cleansorb Limited, an innovative reservoir chemistry company.

Cleansorb develops and applies oilfield chemical technologies that care for the reservoir, simplify wellsite treatments, and improve recovery rates in new and mature fields.

Since 1994, Cleansorb has built a reputation of continuous innovation of treatments based on in-situ acid production, for downhole reservoir stimulation and filter cake damage removal applications.

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The Cleansorb Experience

Cleansorb’s patented in-situ acid generation technologies achieve uniform radial and longitudinal distribution of clean-up and stimulation fluids in the target zone(s) with a greatly reduced risk to the formation, environment and completion equipment.


Control your cleanup

Uniformly remove WBM or OBM filter cake damage from openhole wellbore to optimize well productivity.

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Acidize with accuracy

Uniformly acidize the matrix to increase production.

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