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New well production surpasses operator’s expectations following ORCA for OBM clean-up treatment

ORCA for OBM is proving highly effective for the initial clean up of a series of new wells in West Africa. The new wells had been drilled with an OBM and completed with standalone sand screens. The most recently treated well, where the operator was expecting initial production of just under 1000 bbl/d, is producing at just under 2000 bbl/d.

ORCA for OBM has already proved highly effective in remedial applications where wells had not been treated during well completion. In some cases, oil production has increased by up to 1,400 bbl/d or 500%*.

The recent results from West Africa demonstrate that ORCA for OBM is suitable for both initial clean up and remedial treatment of wells drilled with OBM.

*Please refer to the case study for further information.