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Are you achieving the production you initially predicted?

Optimize production through the uniform effect all along the wellbore, from Cleansorb.  ORCA’s uniform wellbore cleanup ensures the cleanest wells thereby maximizing production to deliver significant financial benefits.

Uniformly remove filter cake from sand control completions in a single treatment:

filter cake

Uniformly remove emulsions formed during completion operations in a single treatment:


Uniformly remove near well bore damage in a single treatment:

wellbore damage

Filter cake, emulsions and near wellbore damage are all barriers to production, jeopardizing predicted production results. ORCA fluid treatments uniformly solubilize all three in a single treatment, all along the wellbore through Cleansorb’s in-situ acidizing technology.

ORCA treatment fluids optimize zonal coverage achieving uniform radial and longitudinal fluid placement throughout the wellbore, thereby optimizing production from the whole of the horizontal section, in particular where lower draw down limits the ability for the wells to ‘self-clean’.

“Operators use slow-acting clean-up systems like ORCA for WBM because they give a proper clean up. Our experience in these major gas wells proves how true this is.” Senior production technologist, major global operating company. Case study: ORCA for WBM, Norway Offshore.