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Invest in innovation, make wells pay

With the continued fall in the oil price, and no expectation of a rapid recovery back to $100/bbl, pressure to cut costs is high so the effective targeting of field expenditure is crucial.

Cleansorb products act at the reservoir-wellbore interface to maximize productivity and make assets pay.

Clean wells are productive wells

Horizontal or highly deviated wells are typically used by operators to enhance connectivity with the reservoir, increase production and improve recovery. But to maximize potential production, effective well cleanup is crucial. This requires effective, uniform removal of filter cake and other damage which would otherwise impede production and reduce the performance of the well.

Cleanup processes based on fast-reacting acids such as HCl are hazardous and may not deliver a uniform treatment. Additionally, acids creating too rapid a reaction can lead to thief zones resulting in premature gas/water breakthrough (SPE 85504).

The correct treatment must be applied before flowing the well to optimize zonal coverage and improve permeability.

Cleansorb – engineered simplicity

Patented in-situ acid generation technologies from Cleansorb are radically different from traditional treatment methods such as HCl.

ORCA treatments are simple to use. The fluids achieve uniform longitudinal and radial coverage when treating filter cakes produced from drilling with either oil-based or water-based drill-in fluids. They can be used to treat new wells when first drilled or as remedial treatments for wells already on production.

Where the production rate of the well is limited by the matrix permeability, DEEPA may be used to improve near wellbore permeability and hence production or injection performance.

Cleansorb’s engineered solutions are field proven, laboratory validated, effective in all common completion brines and simple to mix. Unlike HCl treatments, these fluids keep HSE risks and operational costs down.

Applied innovation

Cleansorb’s cost-effective reservoir treatments increase hydrocarbon production safely and efficiently. ORCA filter cake cleanup treatments of new wells ensures good production from day 1. ORCA remedial treatments and DEEPA stimulation treatments have increased hydrocarbon production by several hundred percent and deliver significant cuts in operational costs and risk.

As the originators of in-situ acid production for uniform treatment of drill-in fluid filter cake, Cleansorb is at the forefront of operational innovation.

Don’t make cuts that could risk production outputs. Instead, maximize every asset’s performance with proven in-situ acidizing technologies – and make every barrel count.