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Tackling an underperforming well

Oil prices have shown a small improvement but are expected to remain low in 2018. Oversupply is a current reality and, the various stakeholders in oil & gas must operate with ingenuity to maximize asset value whilst minimizing cost. No longer can service companies continue to operate as they did at $100 oil and expect an outcome that is sustainable at $70 oil. To meet the expectations of operators and other stakeholders changes must be made, new areas of innovation and cost efficiency must be explored.

One such area in which efficiencies can be made is wellbore cleanup. Operators around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a clean wellbore and fluid system – it can ensure peak performance and operation integrity over the well’s lifetime. Chemical cleanup is a key area where innovative reservoir chemistry can cost-effectively make a substantial impact on asset performance.

Tailored treatments that are proven to work

Since 1994 Cleansorb has pioneered the use of in-situ acidizing in the oil and gas industry. They remain the only fluids company entirely focused on the breaker system. After obtaining and testing a well’s mud composition, the Cleansorb laboratory is able to select the appropriate chemistry and reformulate the breaker, creating a custom solution that is optimized to the well.

Achieve the production rates you want

In a heavy oil reservoir located in Asia a number of wells were drilled with OBM, completed with standalone screens set across multiple producing zones and separated by shales. No MDR treatment had been used before activation, and the OBM filter cake in these wells was beyond the capabilities of many treatment fluids. A suitable ORCA for OBM formulation was created and applied after lab tests confirmed a Cleansorb treatment fluid would effectively remove the drill-in fluid damage. The five wells went from producing an on average 300bbl/d pre-ORCA treatment to over 1000bbl/d after ORCA.

Stand out with strong production rates

Cleansorb’s patented reservoir chemistries are designed to deliver increased production rates, regardless of the challenge. The uniform effect is the Cleansorb promise, consistently delivered through tailored formulations. With rig rates in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, investing in premium wellbore cleanup fluids will pay dividends on the eventual cost of completing a well efficiently, delivering better production rates and extending the life of the well.

In this economic environment service companies need to prove they are being proactive and productive like never before. Cleansorb’s engineered solutions can help them stand out, with tailored treatments that are proven to work.