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Giving operators the gift of optimum production

In our industry, time is of the essence. Formation damage begins the very moment your reservoir drilling commences – taking proactive steps to minimize any impact on the formation is absolutely essential to maximize reservoir productivity.

Luckily, for many operators across the industry, Cleansorb and Newpark Fluid System’s comprehensive range of high-performance reservoir drill-in fluids (RDIF) are already proving to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Created as part of our total fluids solution strategy for reservoir applications, our RDIF solutions include both water and invert emulsion options – providing ultra-low permeability and easy filter cake removal. Designed to maintain a balance between drilling and subsequent reservoir requirements in both producer and injector applications, these proven fluids are adaptable to a host of challenging project conditions.

This means it’s never been easier for operators to manage the demands of complex open-hole completions. From reservoir fluid and formation geology to completion type and other considerations – each RDIF has been developed from our peerless experience in the field.

We also understand that optimization isn’t purely about RDIF. Our team of experts also bring the design of the breaker system in-house for total synergy – in a truly end-to-end process.

We start by identifying an RDIF that delivers the ideal brine type, solids loading and viscosifier selection to deposit a thin, pliable filter cake with minimal fines migration into the reservoir. The breaker design then focuses on the proper formulation of enzymes, surfactants and organic acid precursors to impart a full clean-up of the filter cake with a sufficient delay to ensure the entire reservoir receives uniform treatment.

Finally, the optimized RDIF and breaker can be tested in a return permeameter under the anticipated well conditions. This gives the team a final measure of the expected cleanup and permeability across the entire wellbore. Regardless of whether the well was drilled with our CleanDrill™ aqueous-based, CleanDrill™ HD divalent brine-based, or Resolution™ oil-based drill-in fluid, we have the in-house knowledge and experience to apply the ideal ORCA™ system to remove drilling damage and maximize production.

To discover more about how Cleansorb and Newpark fluid system’s RDIF solutions can help you optimize your operations – get in touch today.