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Stuck casing solutions in Kuwait

Bringing together a wealth of experience in producing high-performance reservoir drill-in fluids – Cleansorb and Newpark are a perfect match for the most challenging of downhole conditions.

A key part of our total fluids solution strategy for reservoir applications – our innovative family of filter cake breakers are already making a big difference to Kuwait-based operations. Stuck casing was threatening to compromise well productivity, injectivity and, crucially, profitability in this Middle Eastern country.

Every moment you’re not working, you’re not earning

In the oil and gas industry, time really is money. Non-productive time (NPT) can have a detrimental impact on your bottom line. And, while many operators put their trust in traditional live acid treatments to keep their projects moving, it comes with added complications; special health and safety demands, the environmental impact and the requirement for acid-resistant equipment. There are a whole host of factors to take into account. For example, as the live acid treatment is at its most active at the point that it is introduced, with a likely leak-off zone established at that point, the entire length of the zone can end up untreated. Not to mention, the fact that the treatment may not be totally effective.

Intelligent, effective and proven in the field

Optimized for inflow control device (ICD) completions and completely neutral when introduced to the well – our range of filter-cake breakers only release their powerful organic acid when exposed to downhole temperatures and water. By delaying the formation of the acid to homogenously dissolve the filter-cake only when in-situ, it gives you sufficient time to continue with your completion operation before the filter-cake is completely dissolved. This subsequently minimizes corrosion damage to completion hardware, while achieving excellent uniform zonal coverage.

With 56 WBM and 17 OBM successful breaker applications in Kuwait since January 2016 – the results really do speak for themselves. Take the recent successful introduction of our customized filter-cake breaker pill to overcome differentially stuck pipe. On a well drilled with KCl polymer mud to a depth of 6,877 ft in the 16” hole section, the 13 3/8” casing became stuck in a mixed sand and interbedded shale formation.

The approach of utilizing a conventional freeing pill wasn’t working. However, a spot treatment of 50 bbl of our filter-cake breaker solution – formulated to achieve maximum dissolving effect in minimal time – freed the casing in just 40 minutes. Dramatically reducing NPT in the process.

Prepare for the worst. Choose the best.

Don’t put your operation at risk of costly NPT. Explore how our innovative family of filter-cake breaker technologies can save you time, effort and money today.

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