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Senior Management Team

Ralph Harris PhD and Ian McKay PhD founded Cleansorb in 1994

Their shared belief in the potential for downhole, in-situ acidizing led to the development of ground-breaking ORCA filter cake cleanup and DEEPA carbonate formation stimulation treatments for optimized oil and gas recovery.

Ralph Harris

Ralph Harris, Director
Co-founder of Cleansorb 1994

professional member

PhD Microbial Biochemistry, University of Kent, 1983
BSc Applied Biology, University of Bath, 1980

Ian McKay

Ian McKay, Director
Co-founder of Cleansorb 1994

professional member

PhD Applied Microbiology, University of Reading, 1989
BSc Microbiology, University of Leeds, 1979

With a growing portfolio of patents, they continue to work on innovative reservoir chemistry applications with enormous oil and gas industry potential including: methods for sand consolidation, self-cleaning filter cakes and innovative acidizing processes based on solid polyesters. Cleansorb has filed in excess of 20 patent applications of which more than half have already proceeded to grant and have also authored numerous SPE and academic papers.