Uniform mud damage removal (MDR)

Uniform mud damage removal

mud damage removal

Uniformly remove filter cake damage caused by water-based or oil-based drill-in fluids in long openhole horizontal sections and deviated wells.

ORCA formulations provide a highly effective, dual attack, single treatment filter cake cleanup solution for either oil-based or water-based drill-in fluid filter cakes. ORCA treatments are recognized as an optimum solution for the uniform cleanup of long horizontal wells. ORCA has been selected for cleaning wells in all the major hydrocarbon producing regions of the world and has been trusted in very high profile offshore projects, including the most prolific gas wells in the world.

ORCA treatments are applied in new wells using the mud pumps and drillstring and in some cases it is possible to use the treatment as a gravel packing fluid. In this case the filter cake remains intact during gravel placement before being broken down. The fluid may also be placed post gravel packing using a wash pipe. For treating wells that have already been on production, the fluid may be placed using bullheading or coiled tubing.

ORCA’s uniform wellbore cleanup ensures the cleanest wells and maximizes well production to deliver significant financial benefits.