MDR oil-based mud

Uniform mud damage removal for oil-based muds


Uniformly remove oil-based mud damage in long openhole horizontal and deviated wells to improve well productivity. ORCA for OBM treatment fluids are used to treat filter cakes arising from drilling with oil-based drill-in fluids. ORCA for OBM treatment fluids are applied to treat new wells when first drilled or as remedial treatments for wells already on production.

ORCA for OBM is particularly suitable for treatments of synthetic oil-based and ester-based drill-in fluids and ideally fluids containing carbonate weighting materials or in carbonate formations drilled with oil-based drill-in fluids. ORCA for OBM treatments are effective in a wide range of oilfield brine types and densities. Barite dissolution can also be achieved using other Cleansorb additives.

ORCA for OBM treatments optimize zonal coverage to regain and improve permeability along the payzone and improve mud damage removal for horizontal wells where lower draw down limits the ability for wells to ‘self-clean.’ Uniform wellbore cleanup ensures the cleanest wells and maximizes well production to deliver significant financial benefits.