Innovative chemistry for geothermal wells

Bringing over 20 years of Oil & Gas experience to the geothermal market, Cleansorb provides pioneering reservoir chemistry for geothermal field development. Cleansorb technologies increase production efficiently and safely, with minimum risk to the environment.

Geothermal Well

DEEPA – cost effective fracture enhancement and safe scale treatment in geothermal wells

Environmentally benign DEEPA can be injected with water to shear the fracture: increasing permeability, productivity and longevity of new and existing fields, and helping producers avoid costly frack jobs or interventions.

With low corrosivity, DEEPA scale removal treatments are highly effective and achieve optimal fluid placement without high pump rates due to in-situ acid generation: improving production by optimizing zonal coverage, and achieving uniform radial and longitudinal fluid placement throughout the target zone.

Laboratory-validated DEEPA scale removal treatments are simple to use, mix and pump with standard equipment. They are non-hazardous, reducing the HSE risk and protecting the asset, company and contractor personnel, as well as the environment.

Enhanced Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation Fluid

ORCA – controlled clean up to optimize well productivity

Drilling with brine inflow is particularly challenging, with the alternative to allow moderate losses into the producing fractures with a later backflow from the production interval to clean up the formation, without causing damage.

For use in new wells or as a remedial treatment, Cleansorb’s proprietary and patented low hazard ORCA products for OBM and WBM provide a highly effective single filter cake treatment.

Unique in-situ acidizing achieves a uniform treatment to optimize zonal coverage, regain and improve permeability, and avoid creation of thief zones.