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Stuck casing solutions in Kuwait

Bringing together a wealth of experience in producing high-performance reservoir drill-in fluids – Cleansorb and Newpark are a perfect match for the most challenging of downhole conditions. A key part of our total fluids solution strategy for reservoir applications – our innovative family of filter cake breakers are already making a big difference to Kuwait-based … Continue reading “Stuck casing solutions in Kuwait”

Giving operators the gift of optimum production

In our industry, time is of the essence. Formation damage begins the very moment your reservoir drilling commences – taking proactive steps to minimize any impact on the formation is absolutely essential to maximize reservoir productivity. Luckily, for many operators across the industry, Cleansorb and Newpark Fluid System’s comprehensive range of high-performance reservoir drill-in fluids … Continue reading “Giving operators the gift of optimum production”

Generate cash, defer abandonment

Without the cushion of high oil prices, and especially once production declines, it becomes increasingly challenging for major operators with large overheads to sustain profitability. It’s no surprise then that, once the primary round of development and production is over, ownership of mature producing assets often moves over to smaller companies able to leverage lower … Continue reading “Generate cash, defer abandonment”

Cleansorb: the overnight success 25 years in the making

Oil and gas production relies heavily on technical innovation. Yet the industry is still restrained when it comes to the rate technologies are accepted and are adopted. There’s a saying it can take up to 25 years for something new to finally go mainstream in the oilfield; oil and gas folks need time and evidence … Continue reading “Cleansorb: the overnight success 25 years in the making”

Cleansorb ORCA™ for OBM Well Treatments Increase Production and Water Injectivity Offshore Middle East

Field-proven Treatment Removes Drilling Damage Caused by OBM Drill-in Fluids GUILDFORD, England – 14 June 2019 – Cleansorb, a leading provider of patented chemical well treatments that enhance hydrocarbon production for the international oil and gas industry, today announced that following a series of successful ORCA™ for OBM treatments on offshore oil production wells and a … Continue reading “Cleansorb ORCA™ for OBM Well Treatments Increase Production and Water Injectivity Offshore Middle East”

Cleansorb in the News! Oil & Gas Australia

This article discusses the dramatic increase in oil production by up to 250% in mature vertical wells in Canada, using a DEEPA formulation that increases the permeability of the rock and simultaneously remediates nearby wellbore damage. Read full article