The fluids people: meet our new Product Line Director, Cleansorb, David Knox

When esteemed Co-Founder and Director of Cleansorb, Ian McKay, announced his well-deserved retirement, we knew we had to find the very best fluids expert to step into his shoes to continue the development of Cleansorb’s innovative reservoir chemistry and its application to solve customer clean-up and stimulation challenges. Luckily, we knew exactly the right man … Continue reading “The fluids people: meet our new Product Line Director, Cleansorb, David Knox”

The fluids people: meet Eastern Hemisphere Technical Service Manager, Alessandro Cascone

At Newpark, we take pride in employing the very best fluids experts to deliver total fluids solutions from end to end – across drilling, reservoir and stimulation. Introducing Eastern Hemisphere Technical Service Manager, Alessandro Cascone When Alessandro first joined Newpark back in March 2003, he couldn’t have imagined where his fluids journey would take him … Continue reading “The fluids people: meet Eastern Hemisphere Technical Service Manager, Alessandro Cascone”

Low-hazard, high-performance, geothermal breaker fluids

Caring for your reservoir and the environment Geothermal operations pose a set of truly unique challenges. From extreme downhole temperatures and unstable operating conditions to HSE and sometimes having to operate in or near densely populated areas. As ‘Green Energy’ providers, geothermal operators have to abide by the most stringent restrictions relating to HSE. As … Continue reading “Low-hazard, high-performance, geothermal breaker fluids”

Aligning drilling and completion goals

Conflicting technical properties During well construction drilling teams need a reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF) capable of carrying cuttings away from the bit while forming an impermeable barrier in its wake to protect the freshly drilled reservoir section from fluid invasion. Yet during completion the situation is reversed – completions engineers need residues removed and the cleanest … Continue reading “Aligning drilling and completion goals”

Realize higher returns from existing assets

Given the economics of today’s oilfield, producing to the last drop has never been more important. And it’s a priority shared by global multinationals, national oil companies and independents alike. The balance of investment has swung away from capital-intensive projects and firmly onto operating expenditure, leaving operators and their service partners exploring every opportunity to … Continue reading “Realize higher returns from existing assets”

Achieving the true potential of injector wells

Cleansorb recognizes that achieving the potential of every injector well with a quick and simple treatment can be an untapped opportunity to increase long-term production. It’s why Cleansorb’s reservoir chemistry has consistently proven to be the breaker system of choice for operators of injection wells – regardless of their geographic region, asset type, well design … Continue reading “Achieving the true potential of injector wells”

Stuck casing solutions in Kuwait

Bringing together a wealth of experience in producing high-performance reservoir drill-in fluids – Cleansorb and Newpark are a perfect match for the most challenging of downhole conditions. A key part of our total fluids solution strategy for reservoir applications – our innovative family of filter cake breakers are already making a big difference to Kuwait-based … Continue reading “Stuck casing solutions in Kuwait”

Giving operators the gift of optimum production

In our industry, time is of the essence. Formation damage begins the very moment your reservoir drilling commences – taking proactive steps to minimize any impact on the formation is absolutely essential to maximize reservoir productivity. Luckily, for many operators across the industry, Cleansorb and Newpark Fluid System’s comprehensive range of high-performance reservoir drill-in fluids … Continue reading “Giving operators the gift of optimum production”