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ORCA for WBM – Control your clean up


Uniformly remove water-based mud filter cake damage in long horizontal sections and deviated wells to optimize productivity.

Traditionally, approaches to filter cake cleanup have targeted only one component of the filter cake, for example either the polymeric or the carbonate component of water-based drill-in fluid filter cakes. In practice, ‘optimal production performance can only be achieved when specific polymer breaker treatments are followed by acid stimulation’ (SPE Paper 65405). ORCA for WBM treatments provide the industry with an engineered, highly effective, dual attack on water-based mud filter cakes in a single treatment. Single step polymer breaker and in-situ acid generation achieves a uniform treatment along the whole wellbore to optimize zonal coverage, regain and improve permeability, avoid emulsion creation at the sand face, minimize the risk of water or gas coning and avoid the creation of thief zones. The fluid’s benign chemistry is low hazard for users and the environment and therefore compatible with complex and expensive completion hardware and ‘jewellery’.

ORCA for WBM ensures uniform radial and longitudinal wellbore cleanup, the cleanest wells and maximizes well production to deliver significant financial benefits. ORCA for WBM treatments on gravel packed gas production wells have contributed to some of the most productive gas wells in the world.