Proven, robust technologies

About Cleansorb

Cleansorb’s mission is to develop high performance reservoir chemistry technologies that are safe to use and environmentally benign.

The original Cleansorb technology is based on combining acid precursors with enzyme catalysts capable of breaking the precursors down to organic acid. This permits acidizing treatments with excellent zonal coverage while completely avoiding the problems associated with conventional acidizing treatments. The effectiveness of the process is proven in the DEEPA family of deep matrix acidizing treatments.

Having established the effectiveness of in-situ enzyme-based acidizing for stimulation, Cleansorb developed ORCA. The ORCA variants ORCA for OBM and ORCA for WBM are highly effective, dual attack, single treatment filter cake cleanup solutions used for treating either oil-based or water-based drill-in fluid filter cakes. ORCA treatments are recognized in SPE papers as an optimum solution for the uniform cleanup of long horizontal wells and the second and third generation technologies have continually improved the cleanup. ORCA has been selected for cleaning wells in all the major hydrocarbon producing regions of the world.

Cleansorb has a growing portfolio of more than 16 granted patents with several more patent applications pending and continues to work on a number of technologies with enormous oil industry potential, including methods for sand consolidation through mineral deposition, self-cleaning filter cakes and acidizing processes based on solid acid precursors.

Cleansorb’s technologies have an outstanding reputation for performance and safety and have been trusted in very high profile offshore projects, including the most prolific gas wells in the world.