DEEPA – Uniform deep matrix acidizing technology

onshore well

DEEPA was the first high performance, environmentally benign technology in the Cleansorb portfolio. DEEPA is based on in-situ generation of organic acid. This permits acidizing treatments with excellent zonal coverage while completely avoiding the problems associated with conventional acidising treatments. DEEPA is very close to the ideal matrix acidizing technology with over 95% of the total acid produced generated downhole after the treatment fluid has been pumped to fill the rock matrix. This provides excellent uniform acidizing throughout the fluid-filled zone and highly effective matrix stimulation.

DEEPA technology has a number of valuable oilfield applications including:

  • deep matrix acidizing of carbonate formations
  • deep matrix acidizing of sandstone formations containing some carbonate e.g. carbonate cementation or secondary mineralization
  • deep matrix acidizing of formations that have a build-up of carbonate scale
  • stimulation of natural fracture networks in carbonate formations

DEEPA technologies are laboratory validated, are not regulated for transportation, are low hazard and can be air freighted if necessary.