ORCA – Uniform mud damage cleanup technology


Cleansorb’s proprietary and patented ORCA products uniformly remove OBM or WBM filter cake damage to optimize well productivity, on new wells when first drilled, or, as remedial treatments for wells already on production.

ORCA for OBM and ORCA for WBM are highly effective, dual attack, single treatment, filter cake cleanup solutions for oil-based and water-based drill-in fluid filter cakes respectively.

ORCA for OBM employs a surfactant package to solubilize (microemulsify) hydrocarbons in the filter cake to disrupt the cake and water-wet and disperse filter cake particulates. This is normally combined with an in-situ organic acid generating package to dissolve acid soluble materials such as calcium carbonate present in the filter cake.

ORCA for WBM comprises an in-situ organic acid generating package to greatly improve acid placement and uniformly dissolve carbonate in mud cake across the wellbore face. In-situ acidizing creates ideal conditions for the optimal activity of Cleansorb’s polymer breakers which can be incorporated into the fluid for single stage combined acidizing and polymer breaking treatments.

ORCA treatments are recognized in SPE papers as an optimum solution for the uniform cleanup of long horizontal wells and the second and third generation technologies have continually improved cleanup performance. ORCA technologies are laboratory validated, are not regulated for transportation, are low hazard and can be air freighted if necessary.