Maximize your asset NPV with ORCA and DEEPA


Clean wells are productive wells


Our innovative chemistry formulations achieve uniform and effective clean up along the whole of the openhole wellbore. The effective removal of formation damage and optimization of production can greatly increase the net present value of a well. Use of technology which effectively removes the damage and optimizes production can result in additional production worth millions of dollars per year. 

The Impact of Drilling Damage on NPV

The following graph shows the financial benefits (expressed as increases in NPV) that can be obtained from reducing the damage (skin) of a well.

Production scenario:

  • Undamaged potential 500 bopd
  • 15% annual production decline from year 3 onwards for undamaged well
  • Oil price: $40/bbl
  • Lifting costs: $15/bbl
  • Pre-tax discount rate: 5%

performance graph

The Impact of Drilling Damage on production (bopd)

impact graph


Where the production rate of the well is limited by the matrix permeability, DEEPA may be used to uniformly increase the permeability. In many cases DEEPA can also remove near wellbore damage, resulting in increases in production rates above those that would be expected from increasing the matrix permeability alone.

Typical production increases obtained range from 20% increase for wells with no near wellbore damage to 200% or more for damaged wells.

What volume of fluid will I need for ORCA or DEEPA treatments?

You can use the following calculators to calculate the volume needed for DEEPA and ORCA treatments. Simply input the required values for well length, diameter etc: