ORCA for OBM – Uniform mud damage cleanup technology


ORCA for OBM is used to treat filter cakes arising from drilling with oil-based drill-in fluids. ORCA for OBM employs a surfactant package to solubilize (microemulsify) hydrocarbons in the filter cake to disrupt the cake and water-wet and disperse filter cake particulates. This is normally combined with an in-situ organic acid generating package to dissolve acid soluble materials such as calcium carbonate present in the filter cake. This gives single step solubilization of hydrocarbon from OBM mud cake damage and dissolution of carbonate weighting material and/or drilling cuttings fines.

ORCA for OBM formulations are effective in a wide range of oilfield brine types and densities. Correct surfactant selection is critical depending on the type of base oil as well as the type and density of the base brine as different surfactants have different ‘operating envelopes.’ ORCA for OBM is particularly suitable for treatments of oil-based fluids containing carbonate weighting materials or in carbonate formations drilled with oil-based drill-in fluid. Barite dissolution can also be achieved with separate additives.

ORCA for OBM is particularly suitable for treatments of oil-based muds containing:

  • synthetic oil-based drill-in fluids
  • ester-based drill-in fluids
  • carbonate weighting materials or drilled-in carbonate formations

ORCA for OBM technologies are laboratory validated, are not regulated for transportation, are low hazard and can be air freighted if necessary.