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Pushing the envelope

There’s never been just one way to do things in oil and gas. But during the last decade, a combination of changes – from technological developments to price fluctuations to growing reservoir complexity – have resulted in today’s oilfield projects becoming more varied and diverse than ever before.

Operators now have a broader range of decisions to make at every step of drilling and completion; allowing them to better adapt to the specifics of an individual well. The outcome however is increasingly bespoke, as no two projects share the same completion design or methodology.

Given that the oilfield has effectively outgrown the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, how can supply partners still respond efficiently?

Cleansorb products have been created based on years of lab testing and data captured from a wide variety of applications in the field, making them flexible for most field scenarios.

For example: one customer had specified a very narrow time window in which cleanup fluids could be deployed to treat drilling mud damage within the wellbore, whereas a second operator would be leaving the fluids in place for three times as long. A third operator also needed to break up filter cake, yet operational constraints meant they would only be in position to pump a very limited volume of breaker fluid.

In all these instances ORCA fluid formulations selected for each application proved flexible enough to meet the technical challenges.

At the same time DEEPA, Cleansorb’s uniform matrix acidizing technology, was designed to give today’s operators more options during stimulation jobs. Simple to use and non-hazardous, it provides the opportunity to remove hazardous acids from the inventory, trucking and well-site.

Crews can use their standard oilfield equipment to mix and pump the product – which is compatible with completion brines, town water and produced water. Once acidizing is complete, DEEPA requires no complex disposal method.

And since our specialized reservoir chemistry expertise resides in-house, Cleansorb has the capability to quickly adapt our stock formulations for you, where an exceptional situation demands a tailored solution.

As drilling fluids and completion designs continue to evolve, and whenever operators are looking for ways to revitalize old and underperforming assets, it’s comforting to know that Cleansorb’s innovative reservoir chemistry continues to provide flexibility, and the certainty of a solution that always fits the bill.

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